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Creative Visionaries Association of Southwest Florida
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A Creative Visionary (CV) is someone who creatively envisions the future by planning and elaborating on one simple idea. Always thinking ahead and outside-of-the-box, a go-getter attitude, and a brilliant imagination, ready to take on the world! (Well, maybe not the WHOLE world, but we usually think BIG!)

“Put simply, a creative visionary is someone who uses his/her creativity in service of a vision for something different. Creative visionaries are first and foremost grounded in the possible–as opposed to the likely or ‘business as usual’–it is from there that they envision and then actually create solutions, projects, art, and ways of being. I believe that we’re all innately creatively powerful people. Creative visionaries just feel more comfortable owning that power to actually make good on their visions for a life less ordinary.” ~ Life Coach, Lauren Russo

In the event, activity and recreational programming industries, it takes a certain UMPH, PASSION, ENERGY & CHARISMA to do the jobs we do and to LOVE every bit of it! Making us CREATIVE VISIONARIES!

Here’s the symbolism behind our CVA Logo…

  • Speech Bubble = Networking
  • Colors = Bringing together a variety of colorful personalities
  • Flamingo (Yes! That’s a sillhouette of a flamingo inside the Speech Bubble!) = The FoxLoft describes the symbolism of a Flamingo best: “Social, Community, Heart. Flamingo as a totem teaches us the importance of relationships, that we are much stronger when part of a group, both giving and receiving support. Flamingo medicine can teach us the healing power of a rich emotional self, strong interpersonal connections, and being true to our deepest passions. Flamingo energy is rooted in the social; a sense of fun, the balance of a strong individual self, with a sense of community. Flamingo can teach us to filter our emotions, learning to manage and recognize what is fleeting versus what is truly central to ourselves. Flamingo people tend to be open, affectionate, flamboyant personalities and despite their tendency to be taken lightly, are wellsprings of inner strength. They are able to weather great travails and accomplish amazing things, confident in their own abilities and support of their family and friends.”

Whether you connect with all of the above or just a few of the above, CVA in a nutshell is… SOCIAL, COMMUNITY, & HEART.

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